Miscellaneous routines

Performance tuning

setbufsizeopen in new window(size)Set the size of the buffer used in ufuncs.
getbufsizeopen in new window()Return the size of the buffer used in ufuncs.

Memory ranges

shares_memoryopen in new window(a, b[, max_work])Determine if two arrays share memory
may_share_memoryopen in new window(a, b[, max_work])Determine if two arrays might share memory
byte_boundsopen in new window(a)Returns pointers to the end-points of an array.

Array mixins

lib.mixins.NDArrayOperatorsMixinopen in new windowMixin defining all operator special methods using array_ufunc.

NumPy version comparison

lib.NumpyVersionopen in new window(vstring)Parse and compare numpy version strings.


get_includeopen in new window()Return the directory that contains the NumPy *.h header files.
deprecateopen in new window(*args, **kwargs)Issues a DeprecationWarning, adds warning to old_name’s docstring, rebinds old_name.name and returns the new function object.
deprecate_with_docopen in new window(msg)

Matlab-like Functions

whoopen in new window([vardict])Print the NumPy arrays in the given dictionary.
dispopen in new window(mesg[, device, linefeed])Display a message on a device.