The NumPy community

The community of NumPy users and developers is large and decentralized. We try to direct certain conversations to certain channels.

  1. Use the #numpy tag on StackOverflowopen in new window for usage questions (like “How do I do X in NumPy?”).
  2. Use the GitHub issue trackeropen in new window for
    1. Bug reports (like “np.arange(3).shape returns (5,), when it should return (3,).”)
    2. Documentation issues (like “I found this section unclear”)
    3. Feature requests (like “I would like to have a new interpolation method in np.percentile.”)
  3. Use the NumPy mailing listopen in new window for longer-form discussion items. This is for things that concern the broader NumPy community. Most users probably don’t care about an obscure edge-case in np.polynomial.Legendre (which should be reported on the issue tracker), but may care about larger-picture things like
    1. How should we have discussions about NumPy and the community?
    2. Developing or adding items to a NumPy roadmap
    3. Announcing sprints or conference talks
    4. Changes to the development workflow
    5. Announcements for NumPy releases and developer meetings

To learn more about how to contribute to the ongoing development of NumPy , please check out our contributing guidelinesopen in new window. For deeper development discussions related to the direction of the project, you can join the mailing listopen in new window.